Free Online Basketball Games

Here at you will find a wonderful collection of basketball games to play online for free! Shoot the balls through the hoops alone or team up with a team of NBA stars in these entertaining sports games. Run across the basketball court with your player or your team and try to make impressive dunks and score lots of three-pointers. You can make a throw from different angles. Start with an easy shot right in front of the basket. Throw the ball against the backboard so that it goes through the ring. Can you do some trick shots or hit a moving hoop? Browse through our games to try all kinds of fun indoor and outdoor basketball games!

About Basketball Games

Basketball is a popular sport played worldwide. Teams of five players defend a hoop while trying to score points by aiming a ball through the opponent's hoop. The hoops hang from a board just over 3 meters from the floor, one on each far side of the rectangular field. Players can attempt to approach the hoop by dribbling the ball against the floor with one hand while running. Jumping high allows a player to dunk the ball through the hoop with one or both hands. Players can also try to throw the ball through the hoop from further away. In most online basketball games the emphasis is on throwing from different positions within the field. If a regular throw is a breeze for you, then soon enough you will also have to deal with hoops that start to move up and down or back and forth.

The Rules of Basketball

You usually play basketball with two teams, each with 5 players on the field. You win the match by scoring more points than your opponents. You do this by throwing the ball through a hoop that hangs just over 3 meters above the floor. Some throws are worth 2 points, and others 3. That depends on the distance between the player and the basket. To cross the field, players can throw the ball to their teammates (a pass), or run while bouncing (dribbling) the ball against the ground with one hand. Once you grab the ball after dribbling, you cannot start dribbling again. In that case you can only try to transfer the ball to someone else or take a shot at the basket.

The History of Basketball

Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, a Canadian-American gym teacher who was working in the state of Massachusetts in America at the time. Naismith wanted to invent a sport that could be played indoors, while also being intense enough to keep his students fit during the cold and dark winter months. The hoop is called a "basket" because in the past peach baskets were used instead of hoops. Originally the game was also played with an old-fashioned leather football, one that was tied with a sturdy lace. The well-known orange basketball that we use today was only developed in the 1950s.

Different types of Basketball Games

Trick Shot Basketball Games

In these games you have to shoot the hoop from different angles, and sometimes your throw will only count if you perform a certain trick. For example, you have to bounce the ball off the floor or a wall into the basket, hit the backboard, or travel a certain route.

Free Throw Swipe Basketball Games

In these mobile phone friendly Basketball games you have to aim the ball through the hoop with your finger or mouse by means of a sweeping movement. In these simple skill and arcade games you often have to deal with obstacles and moving targets that make the game more and more difficult.

3D Basketball Games

These games are most like a real basketball match or training because it is in 3D. Run across the field to get to the hoop and throw the ball from different positions along the free throw line, from the three-point line, or the center line.

So if you are a real sports games fan and in particular basketball then you came to the right place. Here you can find a great collection of unblocked basketball games that you can play for free online on your PC computer at home, school or work. Most of the games are also mobile friendly so you can play them on your smartphone too. There are some fun basketball games for kids to that are easy to understand and play for every age. So register for an free account today and be a part of the true ballers community now.