Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

Welcome to the Portal Defenders Fast Break street ball tournament! This game is really like a blast from the past with it’s cool retro design and some of your favorite characters from Newgrounds! Are you ready to hit the court with them? Here’s how you can start scoring some epic hoops and having a blast! First off, let’s explain the controls. Use the ‘A’ key to pass the ball or call on a teammate, ‘S’ to shoot like a pro, and ‘D’ for that turbo boost. And hey, if you’ve got two gamepads, you can bring a friend along and rock the game together in the awesome 2-player mode!

Pro Tips:

Make 3 shots in a row to become “ON FIRE” with permanent turbo!

When the opposing team scores, anyone on-fire loses their on-fire status

Pay attention to referee Tom, he knows his stuff!

Characters are unlocked depending on which player you beat the game with!

How to Play:

2-Player Mode: When 2 gamepads are plugged in 2-player mode is automatically started!

Keyboard Controls:
A: Pass / Call for the ball from your teammate
S: Shoot – Hold and release at the height of the jump for greatest accuracy
D: Turbo – Hold to get a boost of speed and airtime (also augments other moves… ex: “Turbo + Shoot” when near the basket will DUNK!)
A+D: It’s streetball, anything goes

R = Restart/Return to Main Menu
E = Exit to world map
M = Toggle sound/music on/off
P = Pause
F = Toggle Fullscreen

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