Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Lead your team to the victory using all kinds of special abilities and win the basketball tournament in Basketball Stars! Choose 1 or 2 players and start the game. Now you can choose tournament, random match or training. Choose your team and enter a challenging tournament. Control your player to perform awesome dunks and 3 pointers to win the game. Feel free to block and slap your opponent to knock him out and get the ball, but be careful not to get a penalty. Pay attention to the supershot bar on the top of the screen, once it’s fully loaded, you can use the hot special dunk from wherever you are standing. In this game you can play against the skillful CPU or challenge a friend on the same computer. Play a quick match, start your training or enter a tournament and lead your team to the victory using all kinds of special abilities. Have lots of fun playing Basketball Stars!

Player 1:

WASD = move / jump, XZV = slap / throw / dunk.

Player 2:

Arrows = move / jump, KL = slap / throw / dunk.

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